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Labor & Postpartum

Preparing for Labor:
Pre-birth treatments are weekly treatments until delivery, starting at 36 weeks of pregnancy. Acupuncture during the last weeks of pregnancy helps to position the baby in the best position for labor and builds optimal energy and stamina needed during labor.

    Pre-birth treatments help to:
  • Encourage cervical ripening
  • Increase chances of delivering on time
  • Induce prolonged labor
  • Prepare body for birth (starting at 36th weeks)
  • Reduce pain during labor and the need for pain medications
  • Reduce the need for medical inductions
  • Rotate a breech baby (34 to 37 weeks)

Treatments during Labor:

Treatments during labor can be extremely effective in calming a laboring women’s mind, decrease anxiety and thus facilitate a much more comfortable birthing experience. Furthermore, recent studies have shown Acupuncture to be effective in reducing pain during labor and restore contractions when labor has stalled. These treatments can take place in the hospital or during homebirth.

(Please email or call 415.200.7878 about special rates for acupuncture treatments during labor)


After birth mother, father and newborn all try to adjust to their new circumstances. Getting acquainted with your newborn brings about great hormonal, physical and emotional changes that can be quite challenging to a women’s body. Postpartum treatments help you to strengthen your body, so that you can recover more quickly.

Because most women suffer from extreme fatigue and do not have the energy or time to seek care, I provide treatments in the comfort of your home.

    Postpartum Treatments Help
  • Clogged ducts & mastitis
  • Engorgement
  • Facilitate milk production
  • Hasten postpartum recovery
  • Healing stitches & tears
  • Help with insomnia
  • Relieve postpartum fatigue & depression