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"I had Bettina make placenta medicine for me upon the birth of my first child. I do not know how much I should credit the medicine for, but the first month postpartum, when I was taking it, was probably as easy as it gets. Despite the breastfeeding challenges I ran into, my mood was upbeat most of the time, I had tremendous energy and I never felt tired (even though I was). My physical recovery was also very fast and easy. But above all, Bettina was incredibly caring and went well beyond the service I had expected. Herself 8 months pregnant, she still took the trouble to come to the hospital to pick up the placenta, and showed up with a (free) gallon of sitz bath and the crock pot to warm it up. This was a very welcome attention right after birth. She is a kind person, skilled and competent as far as I am able to judge. I will use her services again and I highly recommend her."

- Gwenaelle, San Francisco